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: Dec 2, 2021 - Dec 3, 2021
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: Dec 6, 2021 - Dec 8, 2021
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Magnetic Puzzles

Magnetic Puzzles – magnetic toys for adults and kids!

A magnetic puzzle is great gift for your kids, grandparents, relatives, or friends. A magnetic puzzle with your selected image on it will be something special for your family; plus, you will have a great time solving the puzzle together! Our magnetic puzzles have magnetic surface, which allow you to put the puzzle on the refrigerator or any other metallic surface. That way, you can see your special image every day!

To start making your magnetic puzzle, choose the number of pieces and click "Design Puzzle". You will be able to add your photo, design or artwork. Your puzzle will come in a box with your selected photo printed on the lid.

Easy Ordering
Create jigsaw puzzle with ease and safely submit your order
Made to Order
Jigsaw Puzzles are made to order for all our customers
Fast Production
Fast jigsaw puzzle manufacturing and delivery within the US

Magnetic jigsaw puzzles - customized with your own photo!

A magnetic puzzle is just like standard puzzle, the only difference is that we add a magnetic surface to the back of the puzzle, so you could put in on any metallic surface. Magnetic puzzles are quite new concept in the jigsaw puzzle market. Magnetic puzzles are made with your selected photo and you can select from 6 different puzzle sizes. Magnetic jigsaw puzzles at PuzzlesPrint are completely personalized. You can upload your own photo and add a text to the magnetic puzzle.

Create a unique magnetic toy for your kid!

A magnetic puzzle will be a great magnetic toy for kid, it will rise more interest in your kid than a standard puzzle as it will stick to any metallic surface. You can put your magnetic jigsaw puzzle on, for example, refrigerator door so you will remember the photo that is on the puzzle every time you open your fridge. Magnetic puzzles are not only new concept of traditional jigsaw puzzle but also a new concept of fridge magnets.

You select the photo for the magnetic picture puzzle!

If you are planing to make a magnetic puzzle as a gift you can be sure that the receiver will enjoy the picture and the way that it is presented to him. We will deliver a magnetic puzzle to your selected address, it can be yours or you can send your magnetic puzzle directly to the receiver as a gift. We will pack your magnetic puzzle in an unassembled way in a plastic zip lock bag, which we will put inside in a custom made puzzle box which has your selected photo on it.

Unique jigsaw puzzles for any occasion

In addition to traditional cardboard personalized jigsaw puzzles, we also produce plastic puzzles, these puzzles can also be customized with your selected photograph. It is up to you to choose the right type of jigsaw puzzle and personalize it with your picture to make the most memorable photo gift.

A quantity discount applies if you order multiple copies of the same puzzle. Please see table below for our offered puzzle sizes, number of pieces and prices. All prices are shown per item in United States Dollars (USD). Prices exclude delivery costs.

If you order up to 25 units then, each puzzle will come in a separate shipping box. Please note - orders of 25 or more jigsaws will be sent with jigsaws broken up in pieces, packed in plastic bags and the boxes disassembled.

FREE standard delivery if you order any 2 or more jigsaw puzzles!

Number of pieces / Qty discounts 1 2+ 5+ 10+ 25+ 50+ 100+ 250+ 500+
54 pieces - 27 x 40 cm (10.6" x 15.8") $31.99 $26.99 $23.99 $20.99 $19.99 $18.99 $17.99 $16.99 $15.99
35 pieces - 27 x 40 cm (10.6" x 15.8") $31.99 $26.99 $23.99 $20.99 $19.99 $18.99 $17.99 $16.99 $15.99
25 pieces - 27 x 40 cm (10.6" x 15.8") $31.99 $26.99 $23.99 $20.99 $19.99 $18.99 $17.99 $16.99 $15.99
20 pieces - 20 x 30 cm (7.9" x 11.8") $31.99 $26.99 $23.99 $20.99 $19.99 $18.99 $17.99 $16.99 $15.99
15 pieces - 20 x 30 cm (7.9" x 11.8") $31.99 $26.99 $23.99 $20.99 $19.99 $18.99 $17.99 $16.99 $15.99
6 pieces - 20 x 30 cm (7.9" x 11.8") $31.99 $26.99 $23.99 $20.99 $19.99 $18.99 $17.99 $16.99 $15.99

Below you will find specifications for all our magnetic puzzles. You can download PDF templates for all available magnetic puzzle sizes here - Download Now.

Applies for all sizes
Packaging: Box with customer’s image printed on the lid
Box size: 27 x 22 x 5 cm (10.6" x 8.6" x 2'')
Jigsaw puzzle material: Plastic with magnetic surface
Jigsaw puzzle thickness: 2 mm (0.08'')
Safe area for important objects: 10 mm (0.39'') from the edges
Number of pieces 54 pieces 35 pieces 25 pieces
Completed jigsaw puzzle size: 27 x 40 cm (10.6" x 15.8") 27 x 40 cm (10.6" x 15.8") 27 x 40 cm (10.6" x 15.8")
Suggested minimum photo resolution: 1600 x 2400 px 1600 x 2400 px 1600 x 2400 px
Jigsaw puzzle piece size: 4.4 x 4.5 cm (1.73" x 1.77'') 5.4 x 5.7 cm (2.13" x 2.24'') 5.4 x 8 cm (2.13" x 3.15'')
Print file size with bleed: 27.6 x 40.6 cm (10.9" x 16") 27.6 x 40.6 cm (10.9" x 16") 27.6 x 40.6 cm (10.9" x 16")
Number of pieces 20 pieces 15 pieces 6 pieces
Completed jigsaw puzzle size: 20 x 30 cm (7.9" x 11.8") 20 x 30 cm (7.9" x 11.8") 20 x 30 cm (7.9" x 11.8")
Suggested minimum photo resolution: 1600 x 2400 px 1600 x 2400 px 1600 x 2400 px
Jigsaw puzzle piece size: 5 x 6 cm (1.96" x 2.36'') 6 x 6.6 cm (2.36" x 2.6'') 6.6 x 10 cm (2.6" x 3.94'')
Print file size with bleed: 20.6 x 30.6 cm (8.1" x 12.1") 20.6 x 30.6 cm (8.1" x 12.1") 20.6 x 30.6 cm (8.1" x 12.1")
Quick delivery and excellent quality
Perfect gift of good quality puzzle and super fast delivery! Thank you!
Fast delivery. Great reproduction of my photo. Sturdy pieces.
Well done and presentation.
Was not expecting my puzzle to come out as incredibly as it did! I am so impressed. I also received it in 7 days… in Australia! Normal post doesn’t even come that quickly these days.
This is my third puzzle I have ordered, they are from family photos and I love doing them much more than any other puzzle. Quality is great, I've told all my family and friends.
The puzzles are great, using the puzzle builder was a little challenging but I was able to get good help from support. Highly recommend….
Wonderful quality!
Shipping, speed and delivery were all extremely well done considering the distance the puzzle needed to travel. Also the puzzle itself even though it has not been assembled looks great, the cut on the pieces is clean and the size and shapes are what I was expecting. Looking forward to the puzzle being assembled in the future.
Great quality product and super fast delivery!
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Can you print double-sided jigsaw puzzles?
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Do your puzzles have larger individual pieces?
I am not sure if my photo is OK for printing. Can you check it?
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What guidelines should I follow when creating a design or photo collage on my own?