Labrador Sea Lighthouse Jigsaw Puzzle

Have fun with the Labrador Sea Lighthouse puzzle, which features a stunning photo! Choose your difficulty level by selecting the piece count from 6 up to 1000, 1500 and even 2000 pieces.

Here’s how to play the Labrador Sea Lighthouse puzzle!

  • Click “Play Puzzle”
  • Choose the difficulty level
  • Click “Shuffle”
  • Relax or go against the clock


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A lighthouse is a tall structure built on or near the coast, which emits a powerful light beam to help ships navigate safely through dangerous waters or to mark the boundaries of navigable areas. These structures are typically made of stone, brick, or concrete, and have a cylindrical or conical shape, with a wide base that narrows toward the top. Inside the tower, there is a spiral staircase that leads to the lantern room at the top, where the light source is located. The light is usually produced by a powerful bulb or an array of smaller bulbs, and it is projected through a large lens, which focuses and directs the beam in a particular direction.

The purpose of a lighthouse is to provide a visual aid to navigation for ships at sea, especially during adverse weather conditions, such as fog, storms, or heavy rain. The light beam is usually visible for many miles, depending on the power of the bulb and the clarity of the atmosphere. By observing the light, ships can determine their location, direction, and distance from the coast, and adjust their course accordingly. In addition to the light, some lighthouses also emit an audible signal, such as a horn or a bell, to further assist ships in navigation.

Lighthouses have been an important part of maritime history for centuries, and many of them have become iconic symbols of coastal regions around the world. Although the advent of modern navigation technology, such as radar and GPS, has reduced the need for lighthouses in some areas, they continue to be maintained and operated by many countries, both for their historical and cultural significance, and for their ongoing role in helping ships navigate safely through challenging waters.

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