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Estimated Delivery Date within the US - Express
: Jan 24, 2022 - Jan 26, 2022
| Standard
: Jan 27, 2022 - Jan 31, 2022


Excellent quality and service - have recommended to many.
Fast and professional! Quick responses to questions. 5 stars
Good quality, pieces fit well
Picture is printed with greater resolution than competitors I have used and pieces fit better than competitors' offerings - and I like the satin/gloss finish. A real pleasure to make the resulting puzzle. Great that the picture fills the lid of the box. Only thing that could be better is that the box is of the folded-from-flat type and not as sturdy or nice looking as those of some competitors. But not a big issue and I will certainly be using them again for the quality of the jigsaw.
Super impressed with this company! The puzzle was shipped over the weekend and arrived at my place in just two days - from Latvia to Canada!! I was worried how well my iPhone image would translate but it looks amazing. Crisp and clear image, bright and colourful. Puzzle pieces are thick and sturdy, and everything came packaged in a compact little box. Will DEFINITELY be ordering more in the future.
I was so happy with the quality of this puzzle. I had ordered some from Shutterfly to help fundraise for my nonprofit, and the first batch were great, but then they switched to a way lower quality board and the picture was blurry. Despite their return policy, we lost over $100 on shipping, which was very disappointing. These puzzles are excellent quality, and the boxes are sturdy with a really good image on the front. Packaging was impressive, and both boxes and puzzles arrived in perfect condition. We will be ordering again!
I am a returning customer. I was very happy with my first orders last year and decided to come back for the second order of 1000 puzzles in two versions. Product is great, colors are nice, quality - top notch. I am very happy with what I received. The things I don't like? As soon as you order your puzzle, there is no way to follow the production and shipment processes on the PuzzlePrint website, you can't even see what you ordered. If you need to stop working over your project before you submit it to production, and you turned off your computer, you will have to start your work again. That happened to me and I have to say it's very annoying. Still the prices are ok and promptness of service is really impressive, so having in mind the above, next time I will make sure to be able to finish the project with no breaks.
incredibly quick turn around, very high quality pieces. These are more expensive than non-custom puzzles, but they also have very high quality. all the pieces are different sizes and shapes, the pieces stay together when lifted or moved, and are easy to put together. One note is that the puzzle itself has a slightly glossy finish. we like this because it makes the pieces easier to see and find, but I wasn't aware of this when I purchased - and it is unusual in puzzles I have completed previously.
Very happy with the sheen on it. The one big challenging aspect is there are no markings or quadrant identification printed on the back. Its challenging, I know that some manufacturers do that so it's not hurting the product. Perhaps this could be something that could be offered as an option upon purchasing for the customer if they want a 1000 piece puzzle but find it too challenging. None the less my wife and I are enjoying it. Thank you.
It was my third time ordering with Puzzlesprint with great satisfaction. The picture quality on the puzzles is great and I received my 8 puzzles (friends) very fast.
Question about the resolution: When I got a note saying the resolution is bad and the picture could be blurred I selected another photo. This time I did order a puzzle (108 pieces) with bad resolution it came out perfect. Does the dimension of puzzle to enlarge the photo (500 pieces) could diminish the resolution quality?
I did not order a 500 piece puzzle for a friend as the resolution evaluation was bad. Should I order it in the future?
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