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To which countries do you deliver?
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How long until I receive my puzzle?
What carrier is used to deliver my puzzle?
Can I track my order once it is shipped?
What should I do if I receive a damaged product?
I don't like the puzzle. Can I send it back to you for a refund?
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What type of puzzles do you offer?
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What image resolution is required for each puzzle?
How can I check my photo resolution?
Can you edit my picture?
Can the colours differ from what I see on my screen and on the puzzle?
What kind of images can’t I use for my puzzle?
What guidelines should I follow when creating a design or photo collage on my own?
I am not sure if my photo is OK for printing. Can you check it?
Do you accept flash drives, cd’s or simple printed images to be mailed to you?
Can I download a photo from the Internet and use it for the puzzle?
I don't have a digital image. What should I do?
At what resolution should I scan my image?
What happens if my uploaded photo is of low quality?
Can the photo be in landscape/portrait?
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