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Promotional jigsaw puzzles

Promotional jigsaw puzzles are all about invitations, greeting cards and marketing!

When creating promotional jigsaw puzzles you are making stand-out invitations to a wedding, birthday celebration, or corporate event. Invitees must assemble the pieces of the puzzle to learn the details of the event. The activity of solving the puzzle and the uniqueness of the invitation format are sure to make the event more memorable.

Ordering options

Currently, there are two different puzzle sizes available for promotional jigsaw puzzles, the minimum order quantity is 10 units. There are four different piece counts available – 15, 9, 6 or 4 pieces. Each puzzle is packed into a white, blank envelope.

Promotional jigsaw puzzles will become memorable invitations and advertisements that deliver your important message (and may cause your recipients to smile, too). That’s good for business!

Before you place your order, you can order sample pack of
promotional and tray jigsaw puzzles.
Pay only for delivery!

Make promotional puzzles that will be remembered for a long time!

Promoting ideas, events, and opportunities!

To order promotional jigsaw puzzles, simply choose the how many copies you want and upload your photo: we will make promotional puzzles that will be remembered for a long time!

Also we offer to make our promotional jigsaw puzzles with magnetic surface or out of plastic. Magnetic surface allows to stick your promotional jigsaw puzzles to any metallic surface! However plastic promotional jigsaw puzzle will be more durable than standard cardboard promotional jigsaws. Are your planning your wedding or a birthday party? Want to send out some interesting invitations? Consider making your invitations as a jigsaw puzzles!

PuzzlesPrint offers you to make invitations that will stand out, we call them promotional jigsaw puzzles, because the possibilities that you can promote or grab attention with these little jigsaw puzzles are endless. They are much more interesting than standard invitations, which when read are put in a shelf. For promotional jigsaw puzzles the story is little bit different!

People who receives a custom jigsaw puzzle must pay attention, and of course he will be fulfill with interest!

To make your invitation stand out even more, PuzzlesPrint let's you make them with a magnetic surface that sticks to any metallic surface, for example a refrigerator door. That gives your invitation an added value because probably the receiver will put your invitation somewhere for it to stand out!

When we are sending out your personalized invitation jigsaw puzzles we put every single one of them in a white envelope, also we add a cardboard back to support the puzzle in the envelope.

Promotional jigsaw puzzles are not limited to only invitations, they work great as a promotional material for your business. With promotional jigsaw puzzles you can easy grab your customers attention, and challenge him a little bit to see what you have to offer, this definitely builds an interest about your products or services.