Elephant Facts: Discovering the Fascinating World of Elephants

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Attention all puzzle enthusiasts! We are excited to announce the addition of a new puzzle to our collection – the Elephant Puzzle featuring a photo of an elephant in a sharp black suit, white shirt, and black tie. But did you know that elephants are not just incredible creatures to admire, but also carry a great deal of symbolic significance? Let’s explore some fascinating facts about elephants that make them truly unique.

Firstly, let’s start with a cute fact – what is a baby elephant called? A baby elephant is called a calf, and at birth, it can weigh up to a whopping 120 kilograms! It takes several years for a calf to reach adulthood and reach its full weight of over 5,000 kilograms.

Now let’s talk about some interesting cultural aspects of elephants. Elephants are often seen as symbols of strength, power, and wisdom in many cultures. In Hinduism, the god Ganesha is depicted as an elephant-headed deity and is considered the god of wisdom, knowledge, and new beginnings.

Have you ever tried to draw an elephant? Drawing an elephant can be challenging due to its unique shape and features, but with practice, anyone can learn how to do it. One of the most defining features of an elephant is its long trunk, which can be used for a variety of tasks, such as grabbing food or lifting heavy objects.

Despite their large size, elephants can run surprisingly fast, reaching speeds of up to 40 km/h. This makes them one of the fastest land animals despite their heavy weight. Speaking of weight, did you know that female elephants are generally smaller than male elephants and weigh around 2,700 kilograms on average?

In conclusion, elephants are truly fascinating creatures that are worth admiring and learning about. Our new Elephant Puzzle is a great way to appreciate these magnificent animals while also enjoying the benefits of a relaxing and stimulating puzzle-solving experience. Order yours today and add it to your animal puzzle collection!

Elephant Puzzle

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Elephant puzzle has all the great features that our wooden puzzles have:

  • The puzzle comes in a premium wooden box with the artwork on the lid.
  • The lid of the box can be used as a photo frame, as a special stand is included.
  • Jigsaw puzzles are available in different piece amounts – for kids and adults.
  • Sustainable wooden raw materials are used to make the puzzle.
  • A wooden jigsaw puzzle makes a great gift for any occasion.
  • Irregular Victorian laser-cut puzzle pieces for hours of enjoyment and fun.
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