Discover the Beautiful World of Paul Gauguin’s Arearea Painting


We are excited to announce the addition of a new puzzle to our collection, the Arearea Puzzle featuring a painting by Paul Gauguin. This puzzle is sure to delight both puzzle enthusiasts and art lovers alike with its beautiful and intricate design.

About Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin was a French post-impressionist artist who lived from 1848 to 1903. He was known for his unique use of color and his exploration of new styles and techniques. Gauguin is particularly famous for his paintings of Tahitian life, which he created during his time living in French Polynesia.

About the Arearea Painting

The Arearea painting was created by Paul Gauguin in 1892 while he was living in Tahiti. The painting depicts a group of people dancing and celebrating in a lush tropical landscape. The painting is done in Gauguin’s signature style, which features bold colors and simplified forms.

Where is the Arearea Painting Kept?

The Arearea painting is part of the collection at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. It is considered one of the most important works in their collection of Gauguin’s paintings.

What Was Happening When This Painting Was Made?

The Arearea painting was created during a time when Gauguin was deeply exploring Tahitian culture and spirituality. He was fascinated by the way of life in French Polynesia and believed that it held the key to a more pure and authentic way of living.

Arearea Painting Colors and Meaning

The colors used in the Arearea painting are bright and bold, with shades of red, yellow, green, and blue dominating the canvas. These colors are used to convey the joy and energy of the celebration depicted in the painting. The simplified forms and lack of detail in the painting also suggest a more primitive and natural way of life, which was a recurring theme in Gauguin’s work.

How Much Does the Painting Arearea Cost?

The Arearea painting is considered one of Gauguin’s most important works and is therefore extremely valuable. In fact, in 2015 it was sold at auction for $22.5 million.

In conclusion, the Arearea Puzzle featuring a painting by Paul Gauguin is a beautiful and unique addition to our collection. We are thrilled to offer this puzzle to our customers and hope that it will bring joy and entertainment to all who attempt to solve it.

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