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Jigsaw puzzles are becoming more and more popular as their uses are discovered and many more people become interested in purchasing them. For the entrepreneur a wholesale jigsaw puzzles business could be a way to bring in some extra cash.

Wholesale jigsaw puzzles refer specifically to jigsaw puzzle purchased in bulk with the intent to resell, preferably also in bulk to smaller retailers and the general public.

PuzzlesPrint offer their expertise and know how in order to get you started in a wholesale puzzle business.

Why we engage in wholesale puzzles

As an online store, PuzzlesPrint has international appeal. The market is wide open and growing all over the world. By offering wholesale jigsaw puzzles to new and existing businesses, PuzzlesPrint is able to grow its business and its footprint worldwide. Bulk sales allow better discounts to wholesale clients, allowing you to pass on the savings to your customer as well.

These high quality and durable puzzles are available to consumers worldwide and there is minimal wait time on bulk orders as much of the non unique stock is stored and ready for dispatch.

By offer wholesale purchasing, we extend our workforce by having you promote our product to retailers and the public; this helps us make sales as well as allowing for a generous profit margin for your hard work as well.

Clients that benefit from wholesale puzzles

The retail side of the business caters to persons wanting to purchase individual puzzles or small quantities. The wholesale jigsaw puzzles side of the operation is directly involved in bulk sales of the standard and branded puzzles.

As a wholesaler, you can have puzzles branded with your logo or name to increase your brand exposure and keep your products uniformly branded. Some retailers also purchase in bulk, but this is generally from you the wholesaler.

Purchasing wholesale allows you to purchase at a lower cost and thereby increasing your profit margin. You can offer a discount to your bulk purchasing clientele as well, ensuring they are happy with their bargain as well. Wholesale jigsaw puzzles make a great start-up business or an online business for you to run in your spare time.

Wholesale jigsaw puzzles require a decent platform to display the product, focus on sales to ensure your goods are sold and a reasonable storage area to store your bulk puzzle purchase.

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