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Tray jigsaw puzzles are designed to appeal to toddlers between the ages of 2 and 4 years old.

These jigsaw puzzles are created with children in mind and offer less complexity and larger size pieces. The puzzle is built into a tray and the edges show where the border puzzles pieces need to fit. This is to make the puzzle a bit easier for your toddler to complete.

The designs and colors of these puzzles are diverse and interesting to catch your preschoolers' eye.

Uniqueness of tray jigsaw puzzle

Tray jigsaw puzzles are designed to be different from your standard puzzles and offer various colors of trays, not just the standard red, black and silver. Children are often intrigued by bright colors and may already have a favorite at this tender age. These trays allow us to cater to your little one's preferences.

PuzzlesPrint have also taken into account that there is a lot going on in a household with toddlers, so to ensure that the puzzle is not that easy to drop, the tray jigsaw puzzles have handles, allowing safe movement. This lets your youngster continue where he or she left off on the following day, instead of having to start over again.

The trays are available in interesting designs and shapes to allow your kids to have fun with these puzzles without getting bored too easily. PuzzlesPrint ensures that the puzzles are durable and of decent quality so that they can be played with for a long period of time.

Advantages of tray jigsaw puzzle

Tray jigsaw puzzles can be moved and stored easily and can be stacked to allow for less space consumption in the cupboard or on the shelf. The tray is also the puzzle area, so this can be set down almost anywhere for the intrepid puzzle builder to get stuck in and have fun.

Completed tray jigsaw puzzles are can make an interesting decor item and not just function as a toy. The stunning designs allow for creative displays that could possibly enhance your decor.

Well stored tray jigsaw puzzles can be unpacked at anytime to allow for puzzle building without pieces going missing.

These interesting, creative puzzles help grow a young child's mind and also make excellent gifts.

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