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Trade jigsaw puzzles are puzzles designed with a specific trade or profession in mind. These puzzles have a target audience and usually contain images relating to the specific trade or profession being targeted.

Trade jigsaw puzzles can also be career or industry related and be printed to suit the individual.

Usefulness of trade puzzles

PuzzlesPrint offers a large variety of puzzles in the trade jigsaw puzzle line. These could be related to improving your image in the media, for public relations or to display your latest architectural masterpiece. These puzzles make excellent marketing tools for many trades.

A puzzle with your image would make excellent prizes to your fans if you are a celebrity or involved in social media. As an artist, you latest painting, sculpture or other creation could be featured on your puzzles and distributed to various patrons of the arts that may be interested in your work.

These well designed puzzles are a wonderful way to create a lasting impression with people you want to impress. They promote you to your clients a lot longer than your usual advertising types and due to their durability, can be passed on to others to further promote you or your business.

Factors to consider when shopping for trade puzzles

Marketing yourself or your brand is very important and some thought should be put into the design of your trade jigsaw puzzles to ensure it promotes the message you want to get across effectively. These puzzles will be around a long time, so ensure your message will be something lasting.

Match your puzzle to your audience as well as the target trade. An Architect would look at a more complex puzzle than a game show host and the subject matter is guaranteed to be very different as well. Puzzles need to be chosen to suit the requirement of the person or company and also send the message that they want to impart.

Puzzles can be customized to suit your trade jigsaw puzzle requirements based on some of our templates. Contact us to discuss how we can help you choose the trade jigsaw puzzle that best suits your needs.

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