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Are you looking to make some money selling puzzles? Whether you are looking at a small quantity or a bulk purchase, we can assist.

PuzzlesPrint sells retail/resell jigsaw puzzles which are aimed at customers wanting to make extra money by selling on a small scale, whether online or at flea-markets and other informal types of stores.

What it takes to be a retail jigsaw puzzle retailer

We are an online store that has a lot of experience in selling to small business owners, retail customers as well as corporate and are geared to understand your needs. Selling jigsaw puzzles is the same as retailing any other product or service and your requirements may be for 1 to 1000 puzzles at any given time. We understand your needs and ensure excellent service, no matter the size of your order.

If you are passionate about puzzles and understand the entertainment, educational and group activity rewards from doing jigsaw puzzles, then this could be a great business for you. Selling a product takes knowledge and hands on approach as well as a feel for your product to be highly successful. We can help you use your enjoyment of these fun puzzles to generate an income. Your drive and determination is all you need to grow a business from selling jigsaw puzzles. Growing a business from selling these products can see you employing staff and improving the lives of others as well.

Enthusiasm, drive and a need to succeed will help you build a business from retailing/reselling jigsaw puzzles. You need to be able to close the deal and bring in the sales in order to succeed. If you have the drive and a passion for this product, you are sure to generate sales and a decent income from selling these puzzles.

The difference between retail and wholesale jigsaw puzzles

A wholesale business requires bulk purchases, and subsequent bulk sales to smaller retailers. A retail business is based on purchases of bulk or small quantities of puzzles, but sales will generally be from one puzzle and up to the general public. If you are already wholesaling products and have an established bulk purchase market, then purchasing at our excellent wholesale prices for resale may be the way to go for your business. If you have a small business or are interested in starting a small business selling jigsaw puzzles and more, then the retail option would most likely be the best option for you. This will allow you to purchase more of a variety in smaller quantities, offering your clients a more diverse range of puzzles. If you are just starting out the retail/resell jigsaw puzzles option would be the best option for you.

Pricing is affected by quantities purchased, but even small quantities are well priced to allow you to earn a decent profit from these high quality jigsaw puzzles.

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