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Regular jigsaw puzzles are the types of puzzles we remember from childhood and are generally made from thick paper or a cardboard type backing with an image printed on to it. Modern puzzles do not necessarily fit the same mold.

Regular jigsaw puzzles of this type tend to be inexpensive but can still fulfill the basic requirements for puzzle building.

What makes regular jigsaw puzzles traditional?

Regular jigsaw puzzles are created with the same type of set up as the ones you would find in granddad's cupboard. The basic image printed onto a hard paper or card backing and then cut into various shapes. The goal would be to slot all the pieces into place to make up the completed image. These puzzles tend to have a gloss finish and were generally square or rectangular in shape.

Regular jigsaw puzzles are still very much in demand today and can allow for hours of fun for individuals or the whole family. These puzzles are not extremely complicated and are not designed to promote or teach anything except puzzle solving. PuzzlesPrint has a variety of these traditional puzzles for you to choose from.

User-friendliness of regular jigsaw puzzles

There are no special skills required to solve these regular jigsaw puzzles. The image is printed on the box and the puzzle is built to match the image. The fun part is matching up all the pieces to end up with your final result. These puzzles are mildly challenging and can reward you with a sense of accomplishment once done.

Regular jigsaw puzzles are generally fairly simple in design, but complexity increases with the size and number of pieces the puzzle contains. At PuzzlesPrint, we offer regular puzzles to suit the beginner puzzle builder, to the more expert puzzle builder, requiring more of a challenge.

These puzzles are excellent to use in solitude or with family and friends. It’s great for holidays from technology, power outages or some quality time with loved ones.

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