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Puzzles Canada

Puzzles are a good workout for our brain. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with friends and family. Custom made puzzles are available in Canada and there are many online stores in and around Canada which personalize these puzzles according to someone’s specific needs and send them to the doorstep. At PuzzlePrint, we provide quality Custom Puzzles Canada.

These custom puzzles Canada are often better than the store bought ones. These puzzles use the latest printing technology and can be of any size. The size can go up to 2000 piece puzzle set depending on how big the client wants them to be. One just has to upload the picture on which the puzzle needs to build and feed in the specifications needed.

One can create a new variety of custom puzzles Canada or choose from the existing categories that are mentioned in the store. There are many options available to choose from with regard to the puzzle type, size and shape, accessories and the material on which the puzzle is built, number of pieces per set, packaging details, estimated quantity and delivery details. Once the details are given, the customer is called to discuss the requirements in more detail. The more the details are provided, the happier is the customer with the experience.

Puzzle types

● Traditional puzzles

● Invitation puzzles

● Collage puzzles

● Kid’s puzzles

● Panoramic puzzles

● Coloring puzzles

● Glow in the dark puzzles

● Mini puzzles

● Tray puzzles

● Double sided puzzles

● Guest book puzzles

● Endless puzzles

● Foil puzzles

Puzzle size

The size of the puzzle is measured in inches and it can range from 3.1×3.9, 3.5×5, 5×7, 8×10, 12×16.5, 19×19 and 18×24 and so on.


There are different add-ons available along with the puzzles in the stores. They are puzzle frames, puzzle boxes, roll up puzzle mat, and puzzle keyring, metal stand and crayons.


The customer gets to decide what material the puzzle should be built with. There are wooden puzzles, magnetic puzzles, plastic puzzles and lenticular puzzles.

Puzzle shape

They are of different shapes such as rectangular puzzles, square puzzles, heart puzzles, round puzzles, number shaped puzzles and tree shaped puzzles.

To make your own photo puzzle simply select jigsaw puzzle size and upload your photo!