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Puzzle maker

Puzzles are all time favourites among the kids. They love solving them more than anything. This not only enhances their analytical skills but also improves their observation power. It is an innovative way to educate your children and develop their intelligent quotient. To give your crazy for puzzles child a special gift create a puzzle with Puzzle Maker. You can create a unique special puzzle for your children and let them indulge into some great puzzle solving fun time.

Types of Puzzle Maker

You can create any type of puzzle you want for your kid. It could be a crossword puzzle or a jigsaw puzzle. Choose according to the preferences of your child. Take your time to figure out what they like and select accordingly. You could even create specific photo puzzles. Send us a favourite photograph of your with your child and we create a unique photo puzzle for you. You could even send us a picture of child’s favourite fictional character and we can create a jigsaw puzzle out of it. As a puzzle maker we cater to your child’s choices and makes the most engrossing puzzle your child would be more than happy to solve. You can select the layout for the type of jigsaw and the puzzle pieces you want.

How to create puzzle Maker?

You select the jigsaw layout you think will suit your child’s age. You will not want to get something beyond his comprehension level. Then you upload your photo on puzzleprint’s website. You can even add a personal text if you want. We check the size and the quality of the image. Once everything is verified, we work on creating the puzzle. You receive your customized puzzle in a special box which has the image you chose for the puzzle.

To make your own photo puzzle simply select jigsaw puzzle size and upload your photo!