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Photo puzzles

Want to turn your favourite memory into a 260 or 500 piece photo puzzle? The answer is only a few clicks away. At PuzzlePrint, we help you create your own customized jigsaw photo puzzle.

How fun are photo puzzles

Photo puzzles not just help you to reminisce upon an old memory, one piece at a time but are also a great team building exercise or a fun game to bring along with you on those family get-together nights!

Ways you can use it

Photo puzzles make an excellent and distinctive gift for all ages. You could use your favourite family picture, a collage of your peeps, a picture of you and your partner, holiday shots, anniversary photographs or if you are going through a creative block then simply use any one of our pre-designed templates. The possibilities could be endless! And once all the pieces of your life fall into place you could frame it and .. voila! What a unique wall hanging! Or if you have an up and coming business you could gift it to your special clientele with your company logo or tagline to earn their love and respect and improve brand strategy.

Why should one approach PuzzlePrint

Getting your order done with our team is super easy. You need to have the photos for your photo puzzles so that we customize it for you. Choose the number of pieces to set your level of difficulty and have a preview of what your puzzle will look like before you place your order. The end print is vibrant and glossy and highly durable and the prices are always within your budget range. It also comes in a friendly package with your design on the cover, however do keep the pieces away from children aged below 3 years. So what are you waiting for? Design your own photo puzzles now!

To make your own photo puzzle simply select jigsaw puzzle size and upload your photo!