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Mailing jigsaw puzzles from PuzzlesPrint is simple and easy. Your puzzles can be sent direct to your internal and external clients, family and friends, as per your requirements. We produce the various jigsaw puzzles with your unique requirements, whether it is an image, message, company logo or otherwise and also take care of mailing jigsaw puzzles for you.

We have puzzles for everyone

Here at PuzzlesPrint, the complexity of the puzzle is up to you. We can offer simple or highly complex puzzles depending on your audience. These mailing jigsaw puzzles are designed to be created to order and be mailed anywhere. Whether you are a company or ordering puzzles on a personal basis, we will have something to suit you and can mail them as per your requirements.

We can mail gift puzzles too

If you are looking for a great, personalized gift for a customer or a loved one, then look no further. Unique jigsaw puzzles, designed to your specifications can be mailed directly to the person you are gifting. These can make for great surprise gifts, funky rewards, perfect advertising or to get across any message you choose. These durable puzzles are well made and your own input can assure a cherished finished product.

Mailing jigsaw puzzles directly through PuzzlesPrint ensures that your chosen party receives your gift with no extra effort on your part once you have discussed the initial design with us. Imagine the surprise on a young one's face to receive an awesome puzzle through the mail. Receiving a parcel is fun for most people, and the contents are sure to enchant.

PuzzlesPrint can assist in choosing a suitable design, complexity and message depending on the audience you are designing the puzzle for. With our experience, we can ensure a gift puzzle that the recipient will love and enjoy for years.

To make your own photo puzzle simply select jigsaw puzzle size and upload your photo!