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Jigsaw puzzle

The credit of inventing jigsaw puzzle lies in the hand of London cartographer and engraver, John Spilsbury in the latter half of the eighteenth century, most appropriately in 1767.

Structure of Jigsaw Puzzle

Earlier, jigsaw puzzles were made up of wood cut into small pieces by a tool called jigsaw. But in modern time this kind of puzzles are made up of cardboard or paperboard cut into smaller pieces containing pictures of nature, buildings, mountains, species; so that they can be joined in such a way to represent a whole of a certain kind. The pieces of the puzzle are brightly colored and signify an essential part of a certain entity because if any piece of the puzzle remains, it will deny the ambiance of the complete picture.

Uses of Jigsaw Puzzle

Alzheimer Society of Canada has declared that working on jigsaw puzzle can stimulate our mental process and will act as an exercise for the brain. Since long, setting these puzzles have been a source of entertainment for youths and this is also regarded as a sort of game to earn money. From olden days, this jigsaw puzzle has been economized by players.

A jigsaw puzzle is also a source of amusement for children for they learn things in an experimental form more quickly than in theoretical form. Jigsaw puzzle, if combined successfully, reflect a very important aspect of our life which is unity. It teaches us to keep every phase of our lives in a harmonised manner. Even our mind is puzzled with multiple voices like which path to follow or not follow which arises the need to come up with the correct decision so that life keeps on moving smoothly.

For What it is Worth

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