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How to make a puzzle

Solving a puzzle is a great mental activity to strengthen the brain and more importantly, it’s more fun. Making a puzzle ourselves is like adding to the fun and I quite easy too. Sometimes these handmade puzzles can turn out to be wonderful gifts for friends and family. Let us know more on how to make a puzzle.

Materials needed

For a personalized photograph puzzle, one should choose high resolution image and maximize or minimize it according to the cardboard base and one’s own choice of what size the puzzle should be. One can also hand draw a puzzle if they want to, on a good quality paper.

It can be done either on a wooden base or a cardboard. Generally plywood is opted since its long lasting and can be easily cut with scissors. Sometimes stores sell craft cardboard too. The optimum thickness level of the cardboard should be not more than 1/8 of an inch. Sometimes a simple cereal box, a pizza box can be used as a base, after cleaning it. One just has to make sure it’s straight and undamaged.

The tools that will be needed are glue, ruler, pencil and scissors or utility knife. A lacquer can be used to protect the puzzle. Adult supervision is necessary when children work on building the puzzle. In case of a wooden base, a hand saw should be used to cut along the wood.

Make a Puzzle With The Team

In spite of a lot of tutorials, you might find difficulties in coming up with the right set of puzzles. That is where our team promise to make it better.

More innovation is put through and the PuzzlePrint team comes up with the best set of puzzles ever.

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