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Crowd funding

Crowd funding often requires a reward for donations received and these crowd funding jigsaw puzzles make excellent gifts but are also very effective to use in promoting your fundraiser.

Crowd funding specifically refers to raising funds by approaching large numbers of people, who generally donate small to medium amounts of money to your cause. To generate as much funds as possible the people at Puy have designed crowd funding jigsaw puzzles to assist you in your endeavors to raise substantial funds.

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In the past, people used to raise funds by approaching a few people or companies to assist in their start-ups or fund raisers, but in today's tough economic times, the focus has shifted to obtaining small to medium amounts of money from many individuals or businesses. At PRpuzzle we have noted this change and have created jigsaw puzzles that can assist you in your project.

Your puzzles can be designed to reach a specific focus group or show what your potential product would look like if funding is received. Puzzles can be made to any shape, size and complexity and have various methods of interlocking. Your puzzles would be uniquely made to suit your specific charitable project and fundraising goals.

Crowd funding puzzles need not only be used by start-ups, but can also offer value to charitable causes, municipal fundraising and even schools that need extra funds for something specific. The puzzles can be sold individually, given away as rewards for donations received or even have a community puzzle build where people pay per puzzle piece.

Make your crowd funding campaign more fun

PRpuzzle have a diverse range of puzzles to meet your needs and can design puzzles to your specific requirements. Bulk purchases of puzzles can ensure you get the best prices and ensure that your donation requirement to receive a puzzle exceeds the cost of the puzzle and raises funds towards your project.

Using an image, slogan or contact information on your puzzle to appeal to your target audience can ensure that you reach your fundraising targets. The puzzles can also be distributed to busy offices such as doctor’s rooms to attempt public funding from unknown donors as well.

There are many ways of using these entertaining puzzles to raise money for your cause. Contact us today for ideas and advice to maximize your capital gain from your venture. We even offer crowd funding jigsaw puzzles that can be used to raise funds online.

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