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Client gift

Looking to promote your business in a creative and innovative way? PuzzlesPrint offer client gift jigsaw puzzles custom made to successfully advertise your company to your current clients and potential new customers.

Offering your customers your marketing in the form of a puzzle is sure to make your pitch memorable. When rebuilding the puzzles, you will be in the forefront of the clients mind again. These puzzles tend to be built again and again and get passed on to others, thereby extending your network.

Keep clients interested

Promoting your business using client gift jigsaw puzzles offers you a platform different to most. When spending your advertising budget, you always want to look at ways to maximize the impact versus the amount of money spent. These puzzles are a gift that keeps on giving. Your clients will build the puzzle to receive your advertising message initially, but due to the nature of the puzzle, they are generally not discarded. People continue building the puzzles for a long time afterwards, reinforcing your brand in their minds.

The puzzles are high quality, durable and available in many shapes, sizes and designs. You choose the best puzzle to carry your message across. Client gift jigsaw puzzles are used to inform, educate and interest your customers in your product and your brand and keep them interested.

Different uses

Client gift jigsaw puzzles can be offered to your clients as seasonal gifts, to promote a specific product, as calling cards or even for team building events. The puzzles can be personalized with contact information, product information, a personal message, a thank you message and so much more. These puzzles show your customers that your brand is innovative and forward thinking and these puzzles ensure your message gets across in an interesting way.

These client jigsaw puzzles are customized to be unique to your business and your advertising needs. PuzzlesPrint has a lot of experience in designing great client gift jigsaw puzzles for any advertising campaign. Contact us to discuss your puzzle needs.

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