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Charity jigsaw puzzles see you the puzzle enthusiast giving something back. Whether it is overstock of puzzles in your store, extra puzzles around your home or even puzzles you have collected from friends and family, puzzles make wonderful charitable donations.

A chance to give

At PuzzlesPrint, we have come up with some ideas of how to offer charity or assist in your community without a huge capital outlay. You can look at offering an educational and fun puzzle event at your local children’s home. You are giving of your time instead of a cash donation, but this type of interaction is a gift that can last a lifetime.

Charity jigsaw puzzles can also be used by the younger generation to interact without technology and teach younger people how to have fun while expanding their minds.

PuzzlesPrint would love to see people with a passion for puzzles getting their community involved in charitable actions, maybe with puzzle fun days and even teaching the less fortunate the joy and sense of accomplishment you get from putting a puzzle together. Simple pleasures such as coming together to complete a puzzle can draw a community together, help people feel included and even stave off loneliness for some. Perhaps look at volunteering to make puzzles with some retired folks once a month to stimulate their enjoyment of a solved puzzle as well.

Maintaining quality

Although we create durable, high quality charity jigsaw puzzles, it is possible that a piece can go missing in the charity jigsaw puzzles. We strive to send out the charity jigsaw puzzles in the best possible condition and try to ensure that all donated puzzles are complete and functional.

Great charity jigsaw puzzles are ones that well loved, well taken care of and complete. At PuzzlesPrint we try and maintain the best quality standards possible and attempt to ensure that all charity jigsaw puzzles are in the best condition we can possibly attain.

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