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Puzzle Glue

by Puzzles Print
Puzzle Glue

Puzzle glue acts as a puzzle preserver that saves your work of art forever by securing it together. It is a sealer, glue, and permanent finish. The reason why puzzle glue is recommended highly over regular glue is that the puzzle glue is combined with a lacquer. This provides a glossier finish on your puzzle that dries completely clear as opposed to normal adhesive found in your home. They are usually a water-based sealer, therefore they are easy to clean up with easily when wet with soap and water.

How to apply glue to a jigsaw puzzle?

They can be applied with a sponge tool that spreads across the surface of your puzzle evenly. Some puzzle glues can come in a sponge form with a hole in the middle of the sponge and others are simply a pot of glue. It can be applied to the front and back of the puzzle to secure both sides. It is fast drying so another coat can be applied if necessary.

Puzzle glue can be deemed useful for home decor fans as you can create a piece of unique art by securing and saving your completed jigsaw. As puzzles come in all shapes, sizes, and designs you can be very creative with your choice by choosing a style that suits you and your home. They can be mounted onto other surfaces or hung up for the finishing product if desired.

It doesn’t only hold the jigsaw puzzle together efficiently but it gives it a more professional and aesthetic look. The clear effortless gloss locks the colors into the image, it does not ruin the effort of the picture.

Why use puzzle glue?

Puzzle glue is for the puzzlers. Puzzle fans can be children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly because anyone can be a puzzle fan. They are for anyone who is interested in saving their work.

A puzzle can be seen as an accomplishment so it is heartbreaking to take the pieces apart. You spend time trying to save your finished puzzle in its original box but it always ends up falling apart. This way you can be reminded of your achievement as puzzles can be very complex and tricky. Children can also show off their efforts in completing puzzles, particularly if they are fun and colorful, or even educational. Jigsaw puzzle glue is a clever product for puzzlers. They can look like pieces of art and it would be a shame to ruin something that had taken so much time and effort to complete. Easily saving your masterpiece to avoid heartbreak is definitely worth it. Using puzzle glue you can also glue 3D puzzles.

All photo puzzles that we make with your picture can be sealed with puzzle glue. If you don't want to use puzzle glue on your jigsaw puzzle, then make your own magnetic puzzle, which you can stick to any metallic surface.

Print your picture as puzzle with puzzle maker!

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