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Puzzle Boxes

Many of our customers are getting jigsaw puzzles made as gifts for their friends, family members, or colleagues. So not only the jigsaw puzzle must be made of high-quality materials, but also it should be presented well. We offer our customers two types of puzzle boxes, one is a standard option, the other one is a premium gift option.

Jigsaw Puzzle Box

Standard Puzzle Box

This is our standard puzzle box option. The box is made of corrugated cardboard, the photo of your choice is printed on the lid. The box is covered in small PuzzlesPrint logos. The number of pieces and the size of the jigsaw puzzle is displayed on the front and rear sides of the box. The jigsaw puzzle is packed in a plastic bag which is placed inside this box. This puzzle box option is for those who don’t want to spend extra on the packaging. A standard puzzle box is available for all our jigsaw puzzle types.

Puzzle Box

Premium Puzzle Gift Box

A premium packaging option for your jigsaw puzzle. We recommend choosing this premium gift box option if you are creating your puzzle as a gift. This two-piece box is made of printed HDF wood, with engraved details of the puzzle. It is much sturdier than the traditional puzzle box. The main thing that separates the premium gift box from the traditional box and adds extra value to it, is that the lid of the box can be used as a photo frame. We include a special stand that slides into the back of the lid. So, if you choose a premium gift box you get your image printed on the lid that you can use as a reference when solving the jigsaw puzzle, and after you have done that you can use this lid as a photo frame.

A premium gift box is available for all custom puzzles and photo collage puzzles. Select the Premium Gift Box option on the editor page.

Print your picture as puzzle with puzzle maker!

Custom Puzzles Canada

From 15 to 2000 pieces

Box with your image printed on the lid

Custom Puzzles
Photo Collages

From 15 to 2000 pieces

Box with your image printed on the lid

Photo Collages
Wooden Jigsaw

From 35 to 1000 pieces

Comes in premium gift box with your photo on the lid

Wooden Puzzles
Hardest jigsaw puzzle

From 250 to 1000 pieces

Comes in a gift box with your custom message

Hardest jigsaw puzzle

From 4 to 15 pieces

Each puzzle placed in a white envelope

Puzzle Cards
Tray jigsaw puzzles

From 9 to 126 pieces

Each puzzle individually shrink wrapped

Tray Puzzles
Wedding Guest Book

From 14 to 266 pieces

Guest book made from Oak veneered plywood

Wedding Guest Book
Wood Coasters

Create coaster set

Wood coasters made from Walnut veneered plywood

Wood Coasters
Plastic Jigsaw

From 6 to 54 jigsaw pieces

Box with your image printed on the lid

Plastic Puzzles
Magnetic Jigsaw

From 6 to 54 pieces

Box with your image printed on the lid

Magnetic Puzzles
Enigma Machine

Three wheel enigma puzzle

Send and receive coded messages with enigma encryption machine

Enigma Machine
Wooden Dollhouse

2 or 3 story wooden dollhouses

Add miniature furniture set to your dollhouse

Wooden Dollhouse Set