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Personalized photo jigsaw puzzles

Custom photo jigsaw puzzles

Photo puzzles are perfect gift for any occasion!

If you wish to turn your photo in to a jigsaw puzzles your are at the right place, at Puzzlesprint, you can easily make a personalized photo puzzle! Personalized picture puzzle is great as a gift for your friends, family member or colleague. You have the freedom to choose the puzzle size and you can upload your own picture to make the perfect photo gift.

To make your own photo puzzle simply select jigsaw puzzle size and upload your photo!

Personalized photo puzzles made to order!

If you like putting the puzzle pieces together you should definitely order a personalized jigsaw puzzle as it will be made using your selected photo. You can upload any photo that you like, it can be a picture of a landscape, your birthday, wedding, vacation or any other event that has occurred in your life.

Also you can make a personalized photo puzzle to surprise your loved ones in their special occasion. Picture puzzle makes a great gift! Customize the picture puzzle with your friends favorite picture to surprise him on his birthday or use an old photograph to surprise your mum or dad. We PuzzlesPrint will turn the photo of your choice in to high quality jigsaw puzzle that will be enjoyed by the receiver for a long time!

Variety of jigsaw puzzle sizes to choose from!

You can choose the difficulty of your jigsaw puzzle. We offer 12 different puzzle piece counts suitable for different needs and ages. Puzzles with bigger pieces are great for kids, elders and also for your wedding guestbook! Jigsaw puzzles with smaller pieces are great to challenge yourself or someone who loves to solve jigsaw puzzles. It is up to you to decide how difficult you want the jigsaw to be!

Personalized picture puzzles also are great for photographers to show case their artworks and for fundraisers!