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Photo collage jigsaw puzzles

Photo collage jigsaw

Make a PuzzlesPrint photo Collage – When a Single Photo Isn’t Sufficient!

PuzzlesPrint lets you take your images and photos, and turn them in to great personalized gifts. We can use a group of your favorite photos, and turn them in to a jigsaw puzzle, which features them all. Our photo collage jigsaw puzzles are great for giving away as personalized presents to commemorate and celebrate special events and occasions.

Choose jigsaw puzzle size, select a template and upload your pictures to make a photo collage jigsaw!

Select the background and layout of your photo collage jigsaw puzzle.

To process your order for a PuzzlesPrint photo collage jigsaw, we need you to decide on the size and layout you require. This is simple to do, as we present you with multiple choices, just pick the one you prefer! Each of our standard puzzle layouts has a specific type of background, so just choose the one that fits with your photo selection, or matches to occasion you are celebrating the most closely.

Once you have chosen both the size and the layout for your photo collage picture puzzle, then move on to selecting and uploading your photographs. Once you have done with uploading your photos, we offer the ability to reposition each photo to fit how you would like it, and we also let you add some custom text to your photo collage jigsaw. So you really can tailor your puzzle to be perfect in every way.

The photo collage jigsaw we manufacture, will be exactly the same as the one you designed originally using our website. We make no changes to it at all. The cost of the puzzle will always include the full layout of the collage. We then make a stunning picture puzzle, which will give joy for many years to come.

A Photo Collage Jigsaw Puzzle Will Stimulate Your Memory in the Future!

A photo collage jigsaw puzzle makes an amazing gift that will help you remember an event or occasion long in to the future. The pictures we use to make your jigsaw will remind you every time you put it together. As a gift for friends, family or colleagues, then a photo collage jigsaw makes a truly unforgettable gift. By surprising the receiver with a gift of memorable photos, in a picture puzzle, you will help them to remember the occasion for many years to come.

Top Quality Photo Collage Jigsaws from PuzzlesPrint!

We use on the best quality materials, and the most modern manufacturing methods, to make sure that the jigsaw you receive lives up to your expectations. Each photo will be crystal clear, and all of the pieces of the puzzle will fit together flawlessly. A photo collage jigsaw from PuzzlesPrint is a high quality gift that will last a lifetime.