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Enigma Machine

This is a three-wheel message encryption machine that allows you to create your own secret messages. If you have one and another person has one you can send secret messages to each other. Only you and the other person will know what the message means. To send and receive secret messages both persons need to have an encryption machine.

There are two enigma machines per set!

CAD 82.99

It is very interesting to play with the encryption machine, it develops logical thinking, creativeness and boosts your language skills. The secret puzzle message decoder machine is the perfect tool to connect and open up with your friends.

The encryption machine is a great gift for kids and adults, anyone can find a use for this secret message machine.

How is the Enigma machine made?

The wheels of the machine are approx. 0.2" (5mm) thick, each of them measures approx. 4" (10cm) in diameter, they are made from OAK veneered HDF, which is then hand sanded. The letters and numbers are engraved into the wheels.

The base of the encryption machine is approx. 0.36" (9mm) thick and measures 4.7" x 12.6" (12 x 32cm), it is made from Walnut veneered HDF, which is then hand-sanded and covered with linen oil, which gives the Enigma encryption machine a nice touch and looks.

It is easy to interchange the wheels, just unscrew the screws with your fingers, change the wheel order and tighten the screws back with your fingers.

What makes this secret puzzle message decoder so interesting?

You can set your own wheel order, you can set your own secret code, you can set which is the input wheel and which is the output wheel, you only need two wheels, the remaining one is dummy wheel.

Once you understand the concept of enigma chipper it is easy to use – send secret messages or decode a message. The person who is decoding the message must know the wheel order, a secret key, which is the input wheel, and which is the output wheel. (You can agree on these with the other person beforehand.)

How does the Enigma machine work?

First, you need to determine the wheel order, then set the wheels to three letters – this will be the secret key. The other person who is decoding the message must know the wheel order and secret key so he can set up his encryption machine to read your secret message. Also, he must know which wheel is the input and which wheel will be the output. Only you both know this so that nobody else can read your encrypted message.

Example how enigma encryption machine works:

You both agree that the wheel order will be as follows: 1st from left W10, 2nd X50, 3rd M70 secret key will be ABC, the input wheel will be 3rd from the left side and the output wheel will be the 1st from the left side.

You must set your encryption machine wheels so that the first wheel (W10) points to A, the second wheel (X50) to B, and the third wheel (M70) to C.

To crypt a message, set the output wheel, in this case (W10), to the letter you intend to crypt. Let’s say you want to encrypt the word ENIGMA. Turn the first wheel (W10) so that the arrow points to the letter E, on the third wheel (M70) you will see a responding letter that the arrow is pointing to, in our case, it is letter G, then you repeat this with all the following letters N, I, G, M, A. In response, you get a secret message that is G8KI0C.

The receiver of the message sets the wheels in the right order. Then he sets the wheels of the encryption machine so that the first wheel (W10) points to A, the second wheel (X50) to B and the third wheel (M70) points to C. Now he can start to decrypt your message.

You send a secret message G8KI0C. The receiver to decrypt the message sets the third wheel (M70) to G and on the first wheel (W10) he sees the letter E. Then he sets the third wheel (M70) to 8 and on the third first wheel (W10) he sees letter N. He continues the process and at the end, he gets word ENIGMA. This is the word you encrypted.

The enigma machine is a device that originally was used in the mid-20th century to protect commercial, diplomatic, political, and military communication. Now you can have your own!

Enigma Machine for sending secret messages to each other!

Number of machines 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Enigma Machine CAD 82.99 CAD 122.83 CAD 161.00 CAD 197.52 CAD 232.37 CAD 265.57 CAD 297.10 CAD 326.98 CAD 355.20
Enigma Machine

Veneered HDF wood
Wheel size:
4" (10cm) in diameter
Base size: 4.7" x 12.6" (12 x 32cm)
Wheel thickness: 0.2" (5mm)
Base thickness: 0.36" (9mm)
Interchangeable wheels: Yes

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