Personalized jigsaw puzzles made from your photo!

Shipping per order - 14.99$ to US, Canada, Australia, GB and EU!

Now delivering to UAE, Brazil, Isreal, Japan and India - 19.99$ per order!

At, we are committed to making high-quality personalized jigsaw puzzles that don’t break your bank!

We have over 10 years of large format printing experience, and we use our expertise to guarantee a well-made product each time.

Personalized jigsaw puzzle making process:

1. After we have received your order, we check manually the quality of your photo. If there is a problem (like a low-quality photo), we immediately contact you. Only after we receive a new photo or you have accepted that the printed photo may be low quality will we proceed to print.

2. We print your photo with ECO friendly HP printers on self-adhesive vinyl. Then, we mount it on high quality 2mm cardboard, which is specially made for jigsaw puzzles (it is more durable than standard cardboard).

3. After your photo is mounted on cardboard, we cut it in to puzzle pieces. We change our cutting blades regularly to ensure cleanly-cut pieces.

4. When your photo is cut in to puzzle pieces we put them in to plastic zip bag, which is then put into a custom-made box. Before shipping, we shrink wrap the box in bubble PVC foil.


Jigsaw puzzle printing quality

Photos are printed on self-adhesive vinyl, which is then mounted on cardboard. We use only ECO friendly HP printers. The ECO friendly printing technique means that the inks that are used for printing are based on water; they don't smell or cause allergic reactions.

Eco friendly print













Jigsaw puzzle cardboard

To make our jigsaw puzzles top quality we use, 2mm blue cardboard, which is specially made for jigsaw puzzles. Eska graphic board cardboard is more durable and sturdy than standard cardboard. All large puzzle printing companies are using this cardboard.

Jigsaw puzzle cardboard

Jigsaw puzzle cutting

We are using custom made knife dies to cut the cardboard into puzzle pieces. The knife dies are replaced after every 10000 cuts. By looking after our knife dies, we insure a high-quality cut. The puzzle pieces fit together perfectly, which makes the puzzle solving process more fun.

Jigsaw puzzle cut

Jigsaw puzzle packaging

When each puzzle is cut, it is divided into pieces, which we put into plastic zip bag. The plastic bag is put into a custom-made puzzle box. Your photo is printed on the box as well. For shipping security, the box is shrink-wrapped with bubble PVC foil.

Jigsaw puzzle box


If you have any questions about the quality of our jigsaw puzzles, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to assist you in the shortest time possible.




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