6 piece magnetic photo jigsaw puzzle

6 piece magnetic photo jigsaw puzzle
6 piece magnetic jigsaw can be customized with your own photo, design, artwork or text!
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You can create a magnetic jigsaw puzzle with large 6 pieces as an ideal gift for little kids. All you have to do is upload your photo to create a 6 piece jigsaw puzzle. It can be used as an educational toy for small kids or to stick it on the refrigerator door for everyone to see.

Order turnaround time

Order turnaround time includes production time and delivery time
Order placed and paid Production time Delivery time Order received by customer
1 – 3 business days*
2 – 4 business days
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*Doesn’t apply with quantities over 25 and during busy periods, such as Christmastime.

Jigsaw puzzle specifications

Minimum photo resolution:
1600 x 2400 px
Print file size with bleed:
20.6 x 30.6 cm (8.1" x 12.1") - if you create your own design before upload
Completed jigsaw puzzle size:
20 x 30 cm (7.9" x 11.8")
Safe area for important objects:
10 mm (0.39'') from the edges - if you create your own design before upload
Box with customer’s image printed on the lid
Box size:
27 x 21 x 5 cm (10.6" x 8.2" x 2'')
Jigsaw puzzle piece size:
6.6 x 10 cm (2.6" x 3.94'')
Jigsaw puzzle material:
Plastic with magnetic surface
Jigsaw puzzle thickness:
2 mm (0.08'')

Download the downloadable design guide if you are creating the design yourself before upload

6 piece puzzle design guide (6-piece-design-guide.pdf, 1,347 Kb) [Download]

6 piece magnetic photo jigsaw

Magnetic Photo 6 Piece Jigsaw. You can make your household appliances even more attractive by using small add-ons. One of them is magnetic photo comprises of 6 piece jigsaw. In fact this unique add-on can make your kitchen an interesting place for your kids. Fun and function are two main motives of this magnetic photo jigsaw. In addition to hide dents and marks on fridge placing the pieces rightly forms picture that makes your child happy.

Manufactured in plastic a good quality magnet is attached at bottom to stick on fridge or glass cabinets. Adhesion is firm but still the child can maneuver it to complete puzzle and enjoy in assembling and disassembling puzzle pieces. Magnetic photo jigsaw is ideal for single mothers who need to take care of child alone. This mind engaging activity keeps the child in front of mother’s eyes yet mentally and physically engaged meanwhile mom can finish kitchen chores. Adhesive effect of magnetic pieces does not apply to stainless steel.

The ideal thickness of 8mm gives convenience to child to move around bits. You can induce more excitement in this puzzle game by getting favorite cartoon or pictures imprinted on this jigsaw. If your child is able to read simple texts you can also add them and turn your magnetic photo puzzle into a treat.

Process of ordering is really simple. You need to visit our website offering delivery of such magnetic photo 6 piece jigsaw. Next step is to successfully upload picture. Don’t panic if you fail to do so, since it is a commonly reported issue. Later steps are pretty simpler, you just need to verify payment and address. Total product charges may or may not include delivery charges depending upon the ongoing deal. If you and your relatives are interested in similar picture puzzle it will be icing on cake as you can enjoy superb discount offers.

If any special occasion is nearing you can plan to surprise your kid with this amazing gift. Jigsaw imprinted with closely affiliated character will definitely inspire your child and he can definitely enjoy the learning and leisure effect.